Lazer 3D Foiling Die Cut Calendar

A lazer foils calendar refers to a calendar that incorporates the use of laser foils in its design. Lazer foiling is a technique that involves applying metallic or holographic foils to a surface using a lazer-engraved plate or template. The lazer transfers the foil onto the calendar material, creating intricate patterns, designs, or text with a metallic or reflective effect. This process can result in various finishes such as gold, silver, bronze, or even holographic colors, depending on the type of foil used. Lazer foils calendars often have a visually striking appearance, with metallic or shimmering elements that catch the light and add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the calendar design. They are commonly used for promotional purposes, special editions, or as decorative items that stand out from regular printed calendars.


Size Advertisement Size Series Design No
15″ x 25″ 34 x 22cm 213 – 254